Sep 2012 – June 2016

Zhejiang University of Media and Communications              

Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television Journalism


Work Experience

Video Editor

(Shanghai, China  June 2016 – Mar 2017)

Shanghai Renzhiwoniao Trading Co., Ltd                         


Photographic Copywriter Intern

(Shanghai, China,  Feb 2016 – June 2016)

Shanghai F&M communications Co., Ltd                          


Research Experience

Project Leader (May 2015 – Jan 2017)

2015 National Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Undergraduates   

Project Description: To Friends is a short film depicting about the environmental damage caused by human behaviors from a first-person perspective.          


Volunteer Experience

2013 China Liangdu Liupanshui Summer International Marathon            

2013 Charity Sale of the 8th Chinese TV Audience Festival 



The Third Prize of the 8th National College Computer Design Competition       

Undergraduate Scholarship for 2014 – 2015             

Undergraduate Scholarship for 2013 – 2014 

The Second Prize of the 1st Zhejiang Province College News Festival “Shorts Competition”